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I love AWOHP shows because of the community it builds! I meet so many new people and build everlasting friendships. It is also a super fun,safe, and inclusive environment, which truly adds to AWOHP’s greatness!

- Courtney Mincolelli 

I love AWOHP because it is one of the most welcoming and best community theatre programs around. I experienced the most amazing energy and it is worth every single minute. Personally, I feel I developed as a performer and made life long friends

- Mia Cicarelli 

I love AWOHP because Nicole and Angelo create the perfect environment to grow, explore and find yourself. They make everyone feel safe to be fully themselves and try new things that they wouldn’t feel comfortable trying anywhere else. They encourage you to expand yourself as not just an actor, singer, and dancer, but as a human being. You walk out of every rehearsal feeling loved and fulfilled. 
- Jill Cetrulo 

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